Micro Streamer, singles

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Oh look a freebie! 

You're gonna love this perfect little 10-ish-foot-long streamer! It's 5mm wide, light as heck, and fun for days with your pals! Just learning how to pull one of these around is a great time 
This is pretty much the ideal streamer, available in a party pack HERE. I had to open a couple of these so I could take product photos so I decided to put them all into little baggies and give them out for free! If you're getting a party pack, please leave these freebies for others, I promise your party pack will have tons!

This is an ADD ON product, meaning you gotta buy something else to get one :). Orders that have only freebies have to get cancelled, i'm sorry!

You're gonna love this toy tho - tie it around your pigtail, or tie one to your pigtail and one to your pals, it's a lot of laughs! 

If this product is completely GONE, please shoot me an email at orders@tinywhoop.com to let me know and i'll make sure you get the last one!