Norway Spruce (Medium) Tiny Tips Stick Ends

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Are you trying to get that perfect stick feel? Do you fingers slip off the sticks during hard maneuvers? Try out our new TINY TIPS! 

The Norway spruce Tiny Tip is designed for the pinch/hybrid pincher in mind. You can comfortably rest your thumb on the top and have plenty of grip with your pointer finger on the sides.

These are guaranteed and if they break we will replace it.

These super sweet resin printed stick ends are designed and printed by Brdsrtrl. 

These stick ends come in Both M3 an M4

The M4 version comes with 3d printed threads and does not need a press nut

You can figure out which size you need by unscrewing your stick end and measuring the gimbal threads. M3 is 3mm and M4 is 4mm.

RadioMaster Zorro uses M3

RadioMaster T8 radios use M3

RadioMaster TX16S MKII uses M4

RadioMaster TX16S Hall uses M4

Taranis QX7 uses M3

Taranis QX7S uses M4

Taranis X9D+ uses M3

Taranis X9D+ SE uses M4

The Upgraded M9 Gimbals are M4