Rhino Tweezer 6-Pack

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Wanna catch 'em all?! We got a whole assortment of the awesome Rhino Tweezers. These tweezers are super high quality, made in Japan, and stronger than other tweezers on the market I have used in the past. These tweezers were recommended to us by Yves from Fractal Engineering and they really do work well. You'll never find a better deal on the internet for these high end tweezers

In this set you will get 5 different variants of straight tip tweezers and one set of the elbow tweezers.


These are the basic straight tip tweezers and is the shortest out of the 4 straight tip tweezers.


These are a longer pair of tweezers with a narrow body.


These are similar to the RH-11 but they have a wider body.


These tweezers come with a blunt tip which makes holding wires a little easier and you won't cut the silicone on the wires by accident.


These tweezers com with a sharp tapered tip and a "shoulder" design so the body is wide until the tip.


These are the classic elbow tweezers.