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This is a really crappy version of the T700 that is too thick and difficult to use. Check out the new V2 version for one that's much nicer to work with!

This is an add-on product if you just purchase this glue we will refund your whole order.



  • Water resistant
  • No powder residue
  • Black colour
  • Precision applicator with pin-in-lid design to prevent blockage.
  • Quick and easy to clean overspill
  • Quick cures in 3-5 minutes (depending on material)


  • Solid Content: 30% – 35%
  • Color: Black
  • Size / Liquid measurement: 15ML
  • Cured Hardness: 65-80B
  • Concentration / Viscosity: 4800mpa.s
  • Temperature range: -35°c ~ +90°c
  • Curing time: 3-6 Minutes (Quick) 24-48 Hours (Full)