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Introducing T-7000 it is very similar to E-6000 and B-7000. This glue is black and is great for insulating battery leads. It comes in a 0.5 fl oz tube with a needle tip for easy application and a pin cap to make sure it doesn't harden up in the needle.


  • Water resistant
  • No powder residue
  • Black colour
  • Precision applicator with pin-in-lid design to prevent blockage.
  • Quick and easy to clean overspill
  • Quick cures in 3-5 minutes (depending on material)


  • Solid Content: 30% – 35%
  • Color: Black
  • Size / Liquid measurement: 15ML
  • Cured Hardness: 65-80B
  • Concentration / Viscosity: 4800mpa.s
  • Temperature range: -35°c ~ +90°c
  • Curing time: 3-6 Minutes (Quick) 24-48 Hours (Full)