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Oh hi.

Welcome back to the Tiny Whoop Inner Colony. Please keep these secret freebies a secret so i can keep doing them! and also Take only one, and only as an add-on item. If you order free sticker(s) only i have to cancel the order :(

Heck yes, you can still score one of the ORIGINAL Team BIG WHOOP Stickers! Team BIG WHOOP is a group of 7 Pilots - Myself, Chris Fischer, Jordan Temkin, Christian Avedon, Zachry Thayer, Travis McKintyre, and Christian Petersen. 

Did you know that the name "Tiny Whoop" actually came from a sticker that was meant to parody this sticker?? TIS TRUE. Long story.

Please take only one, and don't tell anyone! Please don't post publically ori'll have to turn off all the treasure hunt pages!!

Thanks for being a part of the greatest community in the world!!!

Jesse P