Tiny Ugly Whoop Pilot Figurine

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Ya know what your aircraft is missing?

The pilot ya dummy!

Limit 1 per order!

Have a look at these tiny deformed hideous people that would just love to be your little pretend Whoop pilot! Add one to your order and he's guaranteed to ride on the OUTSIDE of your package under a protective layer of packing tape! Even tho they're free, they're slightly overpriced due to how ugly they are. They're available in three disturbing sizes! Behold:

The pilots standing on the whoop above are "Just Right" size! 

But what do they weigh? Well lets just say you'll never feel their tiny weight! According to the TIny Whoop Milligram scale, 'Too Big' weighs 0.10839g, 'Just Right' weighs 0.03054g (1527/50000th of a gram), 'WAY TOO SMALL' size weighs only 0.00502g, and "infinitesimal" weighs 0.0000000000000100023g.