Weensy Sparkle Bowtie

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Did you know the original Tiny Whoop Bowtie was a piece of bowtie pasta on my sister's Tiny Whoop? Ok I made that up but I wouldn't put it pasta!

If you think you look good, you're gonna feel good, even if you're just wrong. Is it worth 0.0434g to show up at the TW event looking this classy? Yes it is. Any questions?

Each of these teensy-weensy bowties is machine-made by indifferent robots in a dimly-lit Chinese factory warehouse with only the most tender and motherly artisanal love and care. Originally intended to class-up tiny dolls and cheap souvineers and trinkets, these lightweight accents provide a splash of color, fashion and pizzazz to your otherwise embarrassingly boring aircraft! For years tinywhoop.com has been accurately predicting the future of Whoop fashion trends, and I say this bowtie has maybe a 15-25% chance of being the next big thing, especially if there is a sudden massive surge of popularity in the casual use of full-size bowties on humans! I mean, it could happen.