HQ Prop 31mm 3-Blade 1mm Shaft

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These HQ 3-blade props are a standard for pilots around the world. If you prefer a 3 blade prop, you ought to give this prop a try. It's lightweight and great for those who would like to pinch grams but are not willing to go down to a biblade prop. Lots of my team pilots fly these props on their 702 motors.  

Propeller Diameter : 1.22 inch(31mm)    
Pitch : 1                              
Blades : 3
Material : Poly Carbonate        
Weight : 0.27g
Hub Diameter :5mm         
Hub Thickness : 5mm        
Shaft : 1mm 
Adaptor Rings : NO

2 x CW HQ Micro Whoop Prop 31MMX3 
2 x CCW HQ Micro Whoop Prop 31MMX3


The clear (milky white) ones have a price increase because they are now extinct.

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