Elements Series 702 Motors


Shorter motor wires, a new slightly-lighter bell design, and 6 colors!

Your aircraft is an extension of (and improvement on?) your human body. It's no wonder pilots around the world want more options to coordinate with their color scheme. Hence the birth of the 702 26000kv Tiny Whoop Elements Series! I personally picked these 6 colors based on what colors can fit into most pilots' current color scheme. If Red is your jam, check out the 27 or 30kkc 702 Onesies.

I needed to decide on the perfect speed for Elements Series motors, so I looked at what has been the most popular on this store and spoke with pilots from all the big races in the USA as well as active Whoop clubs across Europe and around the world - it painted an interesting picture of the slow spread of 702 appreciation. The consensus among pilots is that they do not want extremely high kv, but want an indoor/outdoor motor with snappy agility that can still easily get two minutes on common-size raceways. The iconic 26000KV truly is the sweet spot.