Venom V2 biblade 30mm Props - 0.8mm and 1mm Shaft

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These Venom props are another ultra-lightweight biblade prop for standard size Tiny Whoops! They are very light having a hollow hub and shorter wings. Uniquely This propeller is 30mm, 1mm shorter than the usual 31mm propellers that fit all 65mm-size frames. 

These props are 30mm, with a 0.8mm or 1mm Shaft size, and each unit comes with 4 props (2cw, 2ccw)

Here's what Newbeedrone has to say about this prop!

  • We created Venom Props for racers and freestylers looking for awesome efficiency and smooth flight characteristics.

    Made from a poly carbonate material that gives them strength, which not only helps prevents breaking in hard crashes but flexing during extreme flight maneuvers.

    Venom Props come in sets of 4.


    • Hole size: 0.8mm (for brushed motors) or 1.0mm (for brushless motors)
    • Diameter: 30mm
    • Weight: 0.19g