Cube Gate V2 - Detachable (4 Tiny Whoop gates!)

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Announcing the world's most versatile Tiny Whoop course feature, the detachable CUBE GATE V2!!!  You can also pick up some awesome gate hangers right here!

Check this out: 

This new gate is a HUGE improvement over the previous version due to 4 Features detailed below: It unzips to four epic, perfect TW gates, it has highly-visible reflective edging, it has a more shapely, robust design, and it's now available in red AND blue! 


Yes, we've added a zipper to every corner of the cube! That means buying one cube gate is the same as buying four XL gates that are perfect for building your brushless racecourse! Or zip it back up for a cube! or just have two sets of stacked gates! Or make an epic jacob's ladder? The possibilities are endless! JK that's pretty much all of them.


Super easy to unzip and rezip! 

Each individual gate has vertical inside diameter of 24.5 inches (62cm) and a horizontal diameter of 28.5 Inches (72cm).


When you're flying at speed you need to give your brain every advantage possible. Making the edges of this gate extremely visible with highly reflective trim is a huge advantage if you're training your brain to freestyle OR race! This reflective fabric is extremely visible in DVR feeds with or without LEDs onboard the aircraft. Tiny Whoop Headlights or Blinders exaggerate this effect unnecessarily. 

Unzipped, these are the first gates with this extremely-visible edging, which might be the most important advancement of this product.

Robust Design

These gates stand up straighter than the previous design, have harder edges and are overall less frumpy. Here's a side-by-side with the previous version


Available in TWO Colors!

Choose between RAB Red or Blu_J Blue! This is a great way to make distinguish between different sections of a course or choose a color that has a greater contrast with the environment you fly in. I personally find that red contrasts more with grass (which is the ideal freestyle practice environment) and blue contrasts more with white walls, but honestly both are extremely visible. 




For those that want to hang or anchor their gates or cubes these babies have these extra pieces of fabric. I just wanna go on record as saying I personally recommend snippin em off before you start bumping them in flight!