Cyclops 2 - Camera Combo

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The cyclops 2 camera is the best Tiny Whoop camera in low light situations. It has vibrant high contrast LED colors in low light. The standard Pinch camera has a wider dynamic range and about the same FOV.  Because the Cyclops 2 has high contrast and vibrant colors it's not quite as crisp of an image during yaw spins.

The VTX that comes with this combo is the FX 25mw push button VTX. The channels on this VTX can only be changed via the push button. Changing channels is done with a single button. The first light indicates channel and the next 5 leds indicate your band (F, E, A, R, and B). Short press changes your channel and indicates channel 1 when the light is on solid. from channel 1 each press counts upwards. So press once for channel 2 etc... Long press will change the band.

This combo was hand soldered at Tiny Whoop HQ

Sorry, we don't have a camera mount for these anymore so you'll have to figure that out on your own.

The wires on the camera go on the left side. The right side when you look directly at the camera.