NewBeeDrone Cockroach 65mm Brushless LiteAF Racing Frame

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This is the 4th version of the Newbeedrone Cockroach frame. From initial reviews this frame is not as durable but that's to be expected because this frame only weighs 2.4g. Here is what NewBeeDrone has to say about their frame.

Unveil the pinnacle of racing innovation with the NewBeeDrone Cockroach 65mm Brushless LiteAF Racing Frame—the ultimate choice for competitive pilots who demand nothing but the best. Engineered with precision, this frame is a testament to our relentless pursuit of perfection in the racing domain, redefining the boundaries of speed and agility.

At the heart of this marvel lies its astonishingly lightweight design, tipping the scales at a mere 2.4g. We've meticulously sculpted the frame, shaving off every possible ounce to ensure you're equipped with the swiftest contender in the skies. The duct thickness has been streamlined to 4mm, a significant reduction from the previous 6mm, contributing to its featherlight profile without compromising on durability.

In our quest to cater to the purist racer, we've made strategic eliminations without sacrificing the frame's integrity. The bottom carbon fiber plate option has been removed, shedding extra weight to prioritize aerial velocity over extraneous features. This adjustment underscores our philosophy that in the throes of competition, every gram counts.

Simplicity is the key to mastery. We've refined the mounting system, focusing solely on a singular, efficient top-mounted placement for the flight controller. This concentrated design not only reduces weight but also enhances the ease of installation, allowing pilots to streamline their setup for maximum performance.

Drawing from the lineage of the groundbreaking Cockroach True65, this LiteAF Racing Frame retains the essence of its predecessor's super-durable construction. Crafted from a special Polypropylene material, it strikes an optimal balance between minimal weight and maximum resilience. The frame is designed to endure the rigors of high-velocity impacts, ensuring that your race to the top is unhampered by the fear of damage.

Embrace the NewBeeDrone Cockroach 65mm Brushless LiteAF Racing Frame—a symbol of innovation, engineered for those who dare to lead the pack. Its unparalleled design, focused on speed and efficiency, sets a new standard in the racing circuit, promising an adrenaline-fueled experience that pushes the limits of what's possible.


Size: True 65mm frame

Material: Polypropylene Material

Weight: 2.4g

Flight Controller Mount: 25.5x25.5 whoop size flight controller (BeeBrain) x2 (Top and bottom)
Motor Mount: Tri-screw lock base with M1.4 hole 

1x Cockroach 65mm Brushless LiteAF Racing Frame
15x M1.4 2mm Screws Phillips-head
1x Sheet of EVA motor base foam with sticker (10Pcs)


Motor Mount base

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