Tiny Whoop 1S 270mAh HV Battery - BT2.0 Connector - V2.0

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 These are the top of the line 270mah batteries for Tiny Whoop aircraft. They're the newest generation of folded-cell 1S packs, delivering a higher discharge rate compared to previous Tiny Whoop packs, and they feature a BT2.0 connector. The smaller, lighter battery is perfect for freestyle, UTT courses like Racegow, and some races.

Compared to the 300mah standard size, you'll notice approximately 15-30 seconds shorter flight time if you have a light build, and you will feel considerable weight loss. These babies weigh in between 6.726 and 7.085 grams, compared to about 8.2g for all your folded-cell 300mAh packs (please weigh your batteries!!). You'll notice that I also reduced the size of the sticker label to reduce the weight even more. 

More significant than the substantial weight loss is the much-improved weight distribution. Keeping the mass of weight closer to the center of grabity means that aircraft can more easily change attitude, particularly pitch attitude. This translates to a more natural feel in flight, not just a lighter feel. 



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