Tiny Whoop 1S 300mAh HV Battery - PH2.0 Connector - V2.0

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 If you're looking for the BT2.0 connector version of this pack, CLICK HERE!


 These are the top of the line batteries for Tiny Whoop aircraft. They're the newest generation of folded-cell 1S packs, delivering a higher discharge rate compared to previous Tiny Whoop packs, averaging approximately 30 or 40 extra seconds of flight time! We've also added a pilot name/info area on the back, and if you grab the discounted 8-pack I'll toss in a free fine-tip permanent marker, on me :)

I also had the battery manufacturer set up a variety of color options for the smoke image behind the pilot's name, so when you order batteries from me you might get smoke that is red/orange, blue, purple, or green (which is kinda brownish). I'll grab a random color for you unless you specify in the notes section at check-out. This is really just a ploy to force people to write me a note so I can say what's up!!

But to be honest, I prefer to peel those labels off, and enjoy the weensy weight reduction of packs without labels. 


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