MyLipo "Parcour" 1600mah 4S 50C/100C Battery

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**Max 2 LIPOs per international order.  Quantities more than 2 will be removed and refunded**


Voltage: 14.8v

Discharge rating: 50C constant, 100C burst

Connector: XT60

Lead length: 75mm

Balance lead length: 40mm

Dimensions: 71.5mm x 33.5mm x 39 mm

Weight: 176g

When Jared and I visited the Battery Baron of MyLipo, he let us fly our full size quads on his "Pink Parcour Packs" that boasted 100C burst ratings and the Battery Baron doesn't fluff his ratings.  When asked, "Why Pink?" He replied in his German accent, "When you fly in forest and crash, pink battery you see.  Black you no see."


These packs are punchy and hold power to the end.  Since many of you fly big quads too, we didn't want to keep the secret to ourselves!  These are awesome batteries and an awesome price.



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