Ludicrous Motors - 6x17mm 25000kv - Tiny Whoop

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LUDICROUS SPEED GO!!!  We've been waiting for the next crazy motors to hit the market, and what we have here is beyond crazy.  25000kv means more power than any 6mm Whoop on the planet. It's crazy.

As these motors are 2mm taller, they must be used on the Cockroach frame with a small modification. The motor stop tips at the base of the motor mounts in the frame need to be removed which allows the motors to go all the way into the frame and fit flush with the height of the ducts.

I fly these motors on a build with an Inductrix FPV board as well as on a build with a BeeBrain v1. On the FPV board you will notice some oscillations depending on your build, especially at low throttle with HV batteries. To get an idea what these oscillations look like at speed, check out the video below. At a hover, it'll shake a bit, but at high throttle it will scream. On a Betaflight FC like the BeeBrain, you'll be able to tune out oscillations by adjusting the PIDs. 

These motors are really pushing it for the Tiny Whoop power system! In addition to having a shorter lifespan, they MUST be allowed to cool between flights. If you fly back to back batteries on these motors they can seize and sustain irreparable damage. 

Grab a set and tell all your friends to watch for the plaid contrails!

!!!WARNING plaid contrails will only be visible in your imagination!!!

To get the most out of these motors I recommend you break them in by hovering for 10 minutes of flight time. Then go LUDICROUS!!!

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