Special Sauce Motors - 6x15mm 17300kv

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When I found this motor I switched most of my Whoops over to them. At 17300kv these motors are considerably more powerful than almost all of the motors used for upgrading Tiny Whoop style aircraft. If you're flying a stock board, these are the fastest motors you can fly without encountering considerable oscilations. You'll feel the difference these motors make when you're punching out or when you're making important corrections in race situations. They haul.

On a clean setup i'm getting between 3-5 minutes of hard-core heart-pounding flying with the 255mah Tiny Whoop HV Batteries. Enough time to win most races or to tame the vast, dynamic terrain that is your home.

If you're flying a BeeBrain or other betaflight flight controller you should consider the Insane Motors, which are even more powerful but oscillate very badly on boards that cannot be tuned to them. 

6mm x 15mm brushed coreless motors for the Blade Inductrix and Nano QX. 

To get the most out of these motors I recommend you break them in by hovering for 10 minutes of flight time. Then go nuts.

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