Razor Canopy - Flocked LIMITED EDITION

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Just got a small batch of hand flocked canopies to test the waters with. These guys have a nice soft almost felt like texture. Only the earth canopy has mounting holes, the rest you will have to make your own mounting holes and you might have to bend the 'arms' down to be flat. I hope yall love these, make sure to post pictures of your build!

This is still the classic canopy but now without tabs and we use a slightly thicker plastic for durability, but not too hard where it will just shatter on a hard crash. The aim of this is to help save your camera and look awesome doing it. 

The Canopy is designed for the 900 950 and 965 camera (high mount). The canopies are drilled for ease of use and to match with 10 20 and 30-degree camera mounts. 

The new Camera FX965 (Pinch) might need some slight adjustments to make the camera fit perfectly depending if you use the new Low mount or High mount. 

 Weight .88 grams

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