Tiny Whoop Crepe Paper Streamers - 8 Foot

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After the Whoophaüs at Tiny Whoop Open 2023 it became clear to us all how much fun streamers can be!

These 8-foot streamers are hand cut by yours truly (Jesse P) here at Tiny Whoop HQ, but you can just as easily cut your own! Just buy any crepe paper streamers from amazon and cut them thinner, or just leave em thick! Its so fun!! 

I attach these babies to the whoop by either tieing it around the battery pigtail after it's connected or wrapping the battery a little bit before you slide the pack into the battery holder for your flight! 

Buuuuuut to be honest i actually recommend you get the smaller, lighter, longer and cheaper Tiny Whoop Micro Streamer Party Pack!