Elk Antlers

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For some reason in the early days of Tiny Whoop there were several versions of 3d printable antlers around. They might have been the first Whoop costumes other than googly eyes, and when they disappeared I felt like I had lost a Deer friend, they were just so aMooseing!

In the past we have had antlers resembling those of whitetail deer and moose, but now we have the iconic North American Elk (which has similar antlers to the smaller European Red Deer). I guess I'm wanting to keep the old antler tradition alive! 

I don't even know how to make jokes about these massive nearly-5-gram elk antlers I found on a Chinese toy parts website! I really don't think anyone will buy them! They are not symmetrical and were made with slight imperfections to look like sheds in a model train set or something. 

Also don't fly around people or animals with anything pokey or dangerous on your aircraft!