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The Meteor65 Brushless frame is an awesome addition to the market. Weighing in at 3.14g, it's about a half a gram lighter than the other popular 1S brushless 65mm frames out there. I still haven't broken mine, but it seems to me that it will likely be slightly less durable than the heavier Betafpv65 Pro 1S frame. But again, I haven't broken mine yet, and I'm thrashing.

This frame also has a low-profile battery tray position, which, ya know, is nice :). Also instead of the usual three or four struts that attach the motor mounts to the ducts, this frame uses 6 basket-shaped struts, that in my opinion look beautiful in the air. 

The Meteor65 frame fits the usual 31mm diameter props and has motor mounts with the standard 3 holes, and fit any of our brushless motors - 603, 802 or 803.

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