HappyModel OVX300 25-300mW 5.8GHz U.Fl VTX w/ OpenVTX

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The price of this product has recently risen dramatically due to a temporary shortage of a VTX component brought about by increased war-time demand. I'm bringing you the absolute lowest possible price I can get, you have my word. 

The Happymodel OVX300 VTX is based on the Open source project OpenVTX powered by JyeSmith from the ExpressLRS team. Open VTX aims to provide firmware with both the SmartAudio and Tramp protocols. Either protocol can be used on the flight controller and on VTx power up the protocol used is automatically detected by OpenVTx.


  • Input Voltage: 5V
  • RF Output Power: 25-300mW
  • Antenna Connector: U.Fl
  • Power/Video Connection: Solder Pads
  • Stack Size: Not Stack Mounted
  • Dimensions: 15x14mm
  • Weight: 0.9g


  • 1x Happymodel OVX300 25-300mW 5.8GHz U.Fl VTX w/ OpenVTX