PP Pinch Mount for the Tiny Whoop Pinch cam

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The Pinch camera already has the Pound Mount and the Orangestuff Mount, but needs a camera mount option that is ALWAYS under 0.25 grams. Introducing the PP Pinch Mount, made by Phil Aquino aka PMantix.

This camera mount has more angle options than any other mount.

0° to 110°

The mounts were 3D printed from a polypropylene blend. PP is an uncommonly used FDM filament for printing, but has some nice material properties for a camera mount - very low density, moderate elastic modulus, and exceptional elongation at yield. TPU is also commonly used for camera mounts, but is considerably less stiff and also higher density. The camera is more exposed with this lightweight design, but the PP material should help the mount and the camera survive more crashes than it might otherwise.

Nevertheless this is a pro-level camera mount and it leaves parts of the PCB of the camera exposed. It does not protect your camera like the world-famous POUND mount, which is built for durability.