Tiny Whoop Inflgates - Star

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Introducing INFLGATES!

These huge mylar balloons are extremely visible (moreso than any other gate?) thanks to the super-wide edges, and are surprisingly resillient! I consider them to be disposable gates, for a single race or funfly with pals, but they've been known to last weeks! 

These stars are BIG - over a Meter across, tip to tip, and a full 18 inches of airspace in the middle. They're sold as singles or in six packs! If you order a six-pack and tell me a joke in the notes at check out i'll toss in a random 7th inflgate on the house! 

If you want to throw your local whoop posse a huge party with tons of these, I want to help sponsor it! Contact us at orders@tinywhoop.com and we'll sell you 25 balloons for 35 bucks! BUT THERE"S A CATCH! You have to use all of the balloons at once, at one event or party or funfly, and provide footage to prove it! Pretty awesome way to turn 35 bucks into a TW party nobody ever forgets huh??

  Each one will come with a little straw to easily till this thing with air! Check out this photo: You want to push the straw under the clear film that covers half of the orange valve and then push the straw between the layers. After you blow it up thru the straw, it's a good idea to put tape over this valve. then again, if it gets a little limp you can just blow it back up!