Fractal 75 Pro Max Lite Kit

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  • A completely new variant of the F75 that has nothing to do with 75mm
  • The same winning recipe, scaled to fit 45mm props with ducts while keeping the camera up front
  • it’s actually 84mm motor post to motor post distance
  • Extended camera mount to reduce prop guards in view



  • 1x 1.5mm F75 Pro Max© Carbon Fiber bottom plate
  • 2x TPU straps (2x 450mAh)
  • 14x M1.4 x 5mm motor screws
  • 4x M1.7 x 5mm self-threading screws for FC
  • 4x M1.7 x 6mm self-threading screws for FC with taller grommets

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Note: Only Lite kits available at this time; you will need to procure your own 45mm ducts