Tiny Whoop Balloon Gates Kit

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I'm bringing balloon gates back! I first discovered this little portable race kit in 2016, when i made the video below, but these babies are even more relevent today! It's the perfect tool for a quick hotel room course or a large 3d freestyle element. 

These balloons blow up to 2" x 60" in about two seconds with the provided dual-action pump. I use a little bit of painters tape to stick the ends together and to stick the rings to the ceiling, walls, floor, pets, anything. You can also get creative and twist the ends together to make large geometric shapes like cubes, pyramids, etc. I've made some amazing 3-dimensional structures that provide perfect training grounds for all kinds of maneuvers. I am so excited to see what racecourses our amazing community comes up with!

This kit includes 100 of the perfect size balloons and the best hand-pump that makes it super easy to construct an excellent course very quickly.

If you don't have any blue painter's tape there are a few rolls for sale Here.