802 19000kv 1.5mm Shaft Tiny Whoop Onesies Brushless Motors - Limited Edition - Nytfury

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Announcing the Nytfury Edition Tiny Whoop 802s! These 19000kv 1.5mm-shaft motors (formerly UWL Edition Motors) are a tribute to the first truly worthy champion of drone racing, the one and only Shaun Taylor, aka NYTFURY. 

These motors have the exact same stator and windings as the original first edition UWL motors and will be approved for official UWL use any day now!

After winning an unbelievable number of championship drone races (see below) Shaun Taylor and his beautiful family (hi Teng and Max!!) have started a small store in New Mexico for local pilots called DroneMax. He hosts awesome events and continues to inspire and delight the next generation of drone racing pilots and rc enthusiasts.

To honor his legacy and the hard work he has done to help more and more people enjoy the gift of flight and connect with others, TinyWhoop.com couldn't be more proud to collaborate on this motor! As requested by Nytfury Himself, these motors have been anodized to be a beautiful grey color. They look so amazing in person!

Nytfury's Drone Racing resume includes first place championship wins at nearly every race in the early days of racing, including MultiGP Nationals 2015 and 2016, XDC races 1 AND 2, Australia Drone Nationals 2016, IDRA Western Qualifier 2016, Drone Nationals Team Race 2016, Multigp Regional Finals, Drone Worlds 2016 in Hawaii, Spaceport America Drone Summit, DR1 Champions Series, IDRA Challengers Cup 2018, DR1 2018 Champions Series, and the 2018 DSI Drone Sport Championships. 

I'm proud and honored to say I (Jesse Perkins) was present to witness most of these epic wins, and watching him was a huge inspiration in my personal career as a pilot. If you ask me, there may never again be a pilot as worthy as Nytfury of being a role model and champion to the greater drone racing community.