802EX 33,000KV Hex Edition Unibell Brushless Motors - Ipomoea

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These motors are VERY fast motors for HEX edition 802 motors. At a staggering 33000kV, they are likely to produce shorter flight times on your custom TW aircraft, but they make up for it in oomph!! The wider 802 bell provides more transient response and cranks up the speed faster, leading to more pop in spite of having a considerably lighter overall weight compared to nearly all other 802 motors available today. 

They're also the first motor I have released with two-tone beautiful blue color. The trim on the inside of the top of each motor bell is a subtly different shade of blue for those that view your aircraft up close. To honor this gorgeous blue color we have dubbed these motors IPOMOEA edition Hex TW Motors, named after the "heavenly blue" morning glory flowers that bloom in my mother's garden each summer.  

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