Awesome Sauce Motors - 6x17mm 20,000kv

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Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the new (golden) Awesome Sauce Motors!

At 20,000kv, these motors are only rated slightly higher than the Ultra Sauce Motors, but because of their longer cans they have a lot more power. I mean a LOT. They're not quite as fast as the Ludicrous Motors, but they do not require the annoying cool-down time between batteries and allow for easier altitude control and throttle resolution. I use these motors when I'm racing longer, faster racecourses or whenever i'm freestyling or flying in acro mode. I still use Special Sauce motors for my shorter racecourses or weaving between people or tighter areas, but one could easily set up a throttle curve that allows these motors to be both technical and crazy fast. 

Because these motors are a little longer, they require a easily modified Cockroach Frame. It's a snap - check out these photos:


Because they require a Cockroach Frame, you can choose a variant of this product with a Cockroach included and save a buck!



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