RCinPower 702 29000kv

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RCinpower 702s are an excellent option for durable 702 with double-ball bearing micro brushless motors. These motors are the result of a complete overhaul and redesign of the 702, meant to minimize the weight of non-performance parts of the motor while maintaining ensuring performance. The stator and magnetic structure are a unique shape not found in other 702 motors, placing coiled magnet wire closer to magnets. The magnets themselves are high-performance temperature-resistant magnets that fit together more closely than lots of 702s out there. After a conversation with the engineer and creator of this motor design, I am convinced that attention has been given to weight loss, but the highest priority throughout the design process was the actual flight experience. 
These motors use a Delta termination winding, feature a double-ball bearing design, and have a minimal PCB design. 


ONE 702 29000kv motor

Weight (with 40mm plug/wire) 1.5895g