Tiny Whoop Fleet Box 65mm by CustomFPV

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At TinyWhoop.com we have watched the entire history of Tiny Whoop cases over unfold over the past 10 years, but we've never seen a case like this.

The TW Fleet Box 65mm comfortably and snuggly holds 4 standard size 65mm Tiny Whoops in a very compact space. It was designed to fit neatly into the slots of an Auline bag, but also fits perfectly in Torvol bags and almost any other fpv bag. It's genius. 

CustomFPV (aka Noah Pitzer) is a well-known member of the TW community. In addition to being a champion Tiny Whoop pilot and course-designer, Custom is also an industrial product designer who develops Whoop-related ideas in his spare time, like this case! He created, designed and printed these cases himself, and his 5 years of printing experience really shine thru this beautifully clean multicolor printed design. Bravo!!