Tiny Whoop Fleet Box 75mm by CustomFPV

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The TW Fleet Box 75mm comfortably and snuggly holds 4 standard size 75mm Tiny Whoops in a very compact space. The outer dimensions of this case are 6"L x 4.125"W x 4.125" tall. If you're the kind of pilot that rolls with four 75mm aircraft to Underground Whoop League races or anywhere, this is the case for you!

CustomFPV (aka Noah Pitzer) is a well-known member of the TW community. In addition to being a champion Tiny Whoop pilot and course-designer, Custom is also an industrial product designer who develops Whoop-related ideas in his spare time, like this case! He created, designed and printed these cases himself, and his 5 years of printing experience really shine thru this beautifully clean multicolor printed design. Bravo!!