ONE WAY WHOOP Video Submissions

Oh, man. 

First of all, my fellow pilot, I am sorry for your loss!!! 
I know how it feels. Lets comemmorate your aircraft together.
In remembrance of your lost aircraft please upload footage to the link above! As a thank you I would love to send you a comemmorative limited-edition sticker that you can only get by uploading footage. Please include your real name and pilot name in the title of the files you upload, and don't forget to send an email to with your physical address to request the sticker. I'll mail it anywhere on the planet along with my sincere condolences! I'd love to use your footage in a compilation video soon :)
 A ONE WAY WHOOP is any flight of a Whoop in which either (1) the aircraft never returns to the pilot or (2) the aircraft is completely destroyed. It is an honor to count yourself among the pilots that have experienced a OOW. It might mean you got too close while tree-weaving. It might mean you took a conscious risk. It could mean a freak accident occurred that nobody could have predicted. Flight is an adventure, and adventure is often dangerous or surprising. 
Here are a few of my misadventures over the years.



There are more over on the Tiny Whoop Youtube Channel :) SUB!