Sponsored Team Tiny Whoop Pilots

      We here at Tiny Whoop believe that there is a huge future in Tiny Whoop racing. Here are our sponsored team pilots. Each member is truly a master of flight and proudly exhibits the true spirit of the hobby!
      Interested in becoming a Team Tiny Whoop pilot? Check out the strict CONTRACT and contact me (Jesse Perkins) with some footage that proves you've mastered Tiny Whoop flight!

Jordan "Jet" Temkin  

Fort Collins, Colorado

 Lester "FastgixxerLV" Khan

Las Vegas, Nevada



Phil "Freybott" Freybott

Greenville, South Carolina



Kevin "Stingersswarm" Dougherty

Atlanta, Georgia



Zachry "A_Nub" Thayer

Fort Collins, Colorado




Joel "JoelB" Brown

Melbourne, Florida



Christian "Nodeva" Avedon

Denver, Colorado




Tim "Timmay FPV" Van Vliet

Amsterdam, Netherlands



Chris "CFischer" Fischer

Berthod, Colorado



Matty "Matty Stuntz" Augustine

Vancouver, British Columbia



Brian "Brain Drain" Morris

Wichita, Kansas



Luke "BanniUK" Bannister

DamSonVille, United Kingdom



Cain "Mad Air" Madere

Hahnville, Louisiana



Rafael "Spook" Paiva

São Paulo, Brazil




Chris "Garz" Garza

Laredo, Texas



 TJ "T-Bone" Williams

Canton, Ohio



Jake "Yubeta.Blv FPV" Yubeta

Oceanside, CA



Dane Grace

Copenhagen, Denmark



Ori Paamoni

Carlsbad, California



Jelmer Poelsma

Zwartsluis, Netherlands


 Mike "Chin" Chin

East Lansing, MI


Eric "ARMONIC" Arkadiusz Milewski

 Vancouver, BC



 Benedikt "Dr. Ben" Haak

Avoca Beach, New South Wales


 McKay Kimball

Syracuse, UT