LED Cockroach Frames

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By popular demand, here's a cockroach frame with a 4-LED harness installed! It takes considerable time and tedium to glue these little LEDs into place. Anyone can do it, it just takes time. These pre-glued LED frames are ready to add your favorite components, just solder two wires (+&-) to the main power on your 1S build and they'll light up! They seem to last forever, and take crashes surprisingly well. My favorite part is how much larger they make the Tiny Whoops look in the air, people always come up to me and ask me why I started flying larger aircraft :)

 We've got lots of colors of LEDs, including the new Aircraft Navigation lights, which has two white lights for the rear of the aircraft, and blinking red and green LEDs for the front two ducts. Check out the video right HERE

Here's how the price breaks down - 4 bucks for the Cockroach, 8 for the LEDs and 5 bucks to the guy that sat there and glued them on :)

Tiny Whoop Racer with INSTALLED LEDS - Awesome Sauce Edition - Tiny Whoop 


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