Tons of New Releases!

Tons of New Releases!

Man, seems like each week we are dropping tons of fun new stuff! This blog's supposed to be a place to show off what's new and what's coming up, so here ya go pals!

Here's our new releases!


Starfighter LEDs are here! Similar to the Deluxe COBs, these babies are extremely bling.

 Check out these sweet giant inflatable mylar gates! I consider them semi-disposable, the kind of thing i get out and blow up when i have friends over, but in reality they usually last a long time!
I had Nightwing smash one over and over for slow motion footage and it's still here in the shop fully inflated! they're three bucks each, grab em HERE.



Lots of NEW FPV Car Kits with Goggles and Transmitter!


 TONS of new FPV Car Kits! These kits all include goggles, fpv gear, car and transmitter, everything you need! It's the perfect way to introduct someone to FPV, and it's what we always give away as part of the project. 

Check out the new selection of sweet FPV rides HERE


Another FRESH batch of the best folded-cell Lipos on the planet!

 There is nothing like a fresh pack! Because goes through SO MANY Lipos, we nearly always have the freshest batch! I order small batches as often as possible to keep your cells the freshest on earth. 
Right now we got fresh 300s AND 450s! CLICK HERE