Tiny Whoop Starfighter Star Cob LEDs

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These little star-shaped COB leds are gorgeous! They're very similar to the Deluxe Cob LEDs, but available in every color!

These super-bright stars weigh about 0.5669 according to the Tiny Whoop Milligram Scale, but if you scrape the diffuser jelly off the back side of the LED you can bring it down to 0.4379g pretty easily!

Check this thing out! 

Before you pick out your color, scroll down!

These babies come without wires, (I recommend tiny magnet wire) but do include a small resistor that can be wired to the positive wire when powering the (normally 3V) LED from standard Tiny Whoop Voltage (4.2V), like this picture. Its easy!!

These little LEDs are available in 9 beautiful colors! I'm happy to have each of these colors, but notice from the pic below: "orange" and "yellow" are nearly indistinguishable, and purple and pink, tho clearly different in color, are probably both really shades of pink.