HQ Prop 31mm 4-Blade 1.0mm Shaft (pitch 1.2x1.3x4)

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The HQ 4 bladed props are awesome! These are very light and only weigh in at .95 grams. These are the second version of the HQ Prop Tiny Whoop props, with a slightly higher pitch than the 1.2x1.2x4 props. They will have a little more bite and spin up slightly slower, tho still faster than almost all other props. These are the most popular props for Tiny Whoop by HQ props. These props are capable of turtle mode flipping with most brushless builds.

Comes with 2 CW + 2 CCW 4 bladed props.

Check out the V1 HQ 4 Bladed 1.2X1.2X4 .8mm Shaft 31mm prop.