HQ Prop 4-Blade 31mm 0.8mm Shaft (1.2X1.2X4)

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The HQ 4 bladed props are awesome! These are very light and only weigh in at .95 grams. We recommend HQ V1 for brushed quads, being lighter than most props and a slightly less pitched than the V2 HQ props these will give you more throttle resolution and will smooth out high kV motors. They spin up faster than any other 4-bladed prop for Tiny Whoop, but are unable to turtle with standard Tiny Whoop brushless builds. If you need to turtle mode, check out the HQ Prop 1.2x1.3x4 props.

They also use a 0.8mm shaft size, so if you're adapting these for a brushless build you may need a TW Drill Bit to widen the hole.

Comes with 2 CW + 2 CCW 31mm Propellers for standard Tiny Whoop builds.

Check out the V2 HQ 4 Bladed 1.2X1.3X4 1mm Shaft


The Black Props are 1.2x1.3x4 they will turtle but the other colors will not and are 1.2x1.2x4