702 26,000kv Neon Edition Tiny Whoop Onesies Brushless Motors

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4772C to be specific. These motors are beautiful. 

I mean what else can i say? Oh yeah this is the only motor Tiny Whoop will ever make that will feature the motor size and speed etched on the side of the motor backwards.

 This Limited edition motor is part of the

TINY WHOOP 702 Elements Series


Shorter motor wires, a slightly-lighter bell design, and 6 colors!

Your aircraft is an extension of (and improvement on?) your human body. It's no wonder pilots around the world want more options to coordinate with their color scheme. Hence the birth of the 702 26000kv Tiny Whoop Elements Series!

I needed to decide on the perfect speed for Elements Series motors, so I looked at what has been the most popular on this store and spoke with pilots from all the big races in the USA as well as active Whoop clubs across Europe and around the world - it painted an interesting picture of the slow spread of 702 appreciation. The consensus among pilots is that they do not want extremely high kv, but want an indoor/outdoor motor with snappy agility that can still easily get two minutes on common-size raceways. The iconic 26000KV truly is the sweet spot. 

The shorter motor wires are the perfect length, perfectly within reach for any flight controller. These uniquely short motors on Tiny Whoop 702 Onesies give this motor another tiny weight shavings.

Tiny Whoop 702 Onesies

702 is an incredibly popular motor size for 65mm Whoop pilots in the United States. It's interesting because in spite of its drawbacks it has amazing benefits. It is definitely my personal favorite size of motor for the style of Tiny Whoop flight that I love.

The truth is that for all speeds of 702 motors there is a 603 or 802 size motor that can achieve the same thrust with greater efficiency - but the magic of the 702 motor is the lighter weight coupled with the effect of dramatically reducing the weight that farthest from the CG of the aircraft. 

When there is so much less weight to push around near the outside of the aircraft, motors do not need to work nearly as hard to change the attitude of the aircraft. It's hard to describe in words how this makes flight feel, but I love it. I can snap into any attitude as fast as I can think it, and I have the urge to just flit around the room, quick and agile. Part of it is ultralight flight in general, but the 702 reduction of outer-edge weight is the secret sauce of the 702 hype. This effect is greatly improved if you're able to get the dry weight of your aircraft real low, like below 18g. 

The Iconic Tiny Whoop 702 Onesies with a new slightly-lighter bell!

 This new bell is 0.0441 lighter than the original, saving you a total of 0.1764 over the previous Tiny Whoop Onesies! Not a gigantic change by any means, but lighter is lighter!

The Infamous Onesie

For years the Tiny Whoop Onesie has been one of the most reliable, durable and efficient motor designs. We chose this design after testing motors made by manufacturers of all micro motor brands. This design completely solves the durability challenges of it's predecessor while remaining very lightweight. It's the reason that the 2023 Whooptopia survey showed it as the most trusted and most flown motor by a landslide, It's the reason we quickly replace any motor that breaks when it shouldn't. 

The Tiny Whoop Onesie has always and will always tell the actual speed of the motor given by the manufacturer. Beware deflated numbers from other brands meant to make their version feel faster. 

PCB Solder Pads

Like all Tiny Whoop Onesies, these babies now feature the PCB Solder pad upgrade, which allows for custom wiring colors and easy repairs. To access the PCB pads (where the wires connect to the motor) just peel back the black silicone. I'm proud to brag that our motors were not only the first Unibell motors, but also the first to feature these solderpads. 

Tiny Whoop Onesies are not to be confused with Tiny Whoop Onesies


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