Beta65X 2S Brushless Tiny Whoop Frame

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This frame has been Extinct for years, but was the original 2S brushless frame made by BetaFPV. They simply do not break. All future versions of this frame weighed slightly less but are also less durable. The pilots that fly this frame know it is unbreakable. 

Years after this infamous frame was extinct I (Jesse) found a large quantity that somehow never got put in stock! I'm proud to release this frame for the final time, to my knowledge this is 100% of the remaining original Beta65 Pro 2S frames on the planet.  I highly recommend this frame for freestyle pilots. In my opinion its the perfect frame for IGOW competitors.

This frame can be used for 1S pilots by simply cutting some of the 2s mounting plastic off and making a small mod to hold a single 1s pack higher, between the motors. If you do this mod you'll have to flip your FC over so the USB plug doesn't hit the battery.

This frame is the 2S version of this frame.  


  • Material: Clear plastic
  • Diagonal motor to motor distance: 65mm
  • Motor mounting hole: for 0x0x series motors, like 0802, 0705 etc
  • FC mounting hole: fully compatible with whoop style FC board mounting pattern, 26mm x 26mm
  • Battery slot size: for 2pcs 1S whoop style batteries (or you can modify this frame to hold a single battery higher between the motors.
  • Weight: 3.6g