Moose Juice 802 17,500kv Brushless Motors

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Tiny Whoop Brushless motors have arrived!!

Moose Juice Motors are 802 17500kv, making them more suitable for indoor angle-mode racing or hardcore outdoor 2s acro! Indoors on 1s, the power is similar to a TWR with Awesome Sauce motors, but with much more yaw control and catching power. They make for a great first 802 build, as you can get used to the betaflight angle mode and eventually add another battery for awesome 2s speed. For my tastes, I prefer to use the 19000kv Boost Juice Motors with a throttle curve that gives me more resolution in the area on the throttle stick I use most.

802 size Motors are a big deal for 1s 65mm and 75mm Tiny Whoops. The wider, shorter form factor provides tons of prop authority, creating much more yaw control and control when you're pulling out of a dive, flip or roll. They weigh a fraction of a gram more than 603, but it's worth the extra control and power.

These motors have a 1mm shaft size, so if you're using normal Tiny Whoop props (that have a 0.8mm shaft size) you'll need a prop-adjusting Drill Bit!

Check out the other motors we offer, Jiffy Juice (603 19,000kv), Boost Juice (802 19,000kv), and Double Deuce Juice (802 22,000kv). 



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