4-LED Harness - 0603 LEDs

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The 4-LED harness is by far the easiest way to add 4 tiny superbright LEDs to your Tiny Whoop! Now in all colors and several beautiful combinations of colors!

This new ULTRALIGHT harness lets you add 4 teensy weensy yet bright LEDs fo your personal aircraft for LESS THAN 0.20g!!! I'm sorry these are a little more pricy, they are soldered by hand and very very difficult to make. 

     With the ultra-light built in resistor, you can solder these 4 (0.6x0.3mm) LEDs to your whoop by connecting one positive and one negative wire directly to the (1S) main power (where your battery pigtail is soldered to the main board). Then it's just a matter of using some Welder glue to attach the LED to the frame. I like to use tiny little clothes pins, and if you leave a note in the Notes section at check out i'll toss in a couple for you to use while you instal the LEDs!

Sorry I dont have good pics of them lit up - its very hard to capture but I will get pics of every kind soon! 

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