A Little Pick-Me-Up

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Why did the hipster Tiny Whoop pilot burn his tongue?

-because he drank his coffee before it was cool.

This product is an add-on product! You can order one with each order, but please do not order this alone!

Words cannot espresso what it beans to me that you want to fly brewtiful leds into the night! In case you need a little pick me up, let me hook you up with a little coffee candy!

These coffee flavored hard candies have a little bit of caffeine in them are could give you that extra little perk so you can nail that line before you finally sleep. Or just stay awake and fly some more? 

It has allegedly roughly exactly an estimated 1.7000mg of caffeine and has a rich coffee-with-milk flavor, featuring dark brazillian cafffae arrabica notes and a sweet, yet complex nose-feel. It's a dynamic, yet sophisticated flavor that might honestly be over your head, but even if you have bad taste it will perk you up! But, ya know juuust in case you're someone who does have good taste, there's nothing that goes as well with coffee as one of these.

Only one per customer please!

Contains: Dairy and Soy derivatives, lactose