Brushless Cockroach65 Frame - Now with colors!

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The Brushless cockroach frame is finally here in all the colors!

Here's what NBD has to say about this new frame:

Traditional Looks and Geometry maintain those flight characteristics you are used to and ensure easy compatibility with the Beebrain as well as most other popular flight controllers. (This frame will fit any of the standard brushless whoop flight controllers, like any of the Crazybee FCs, available here).

Lightweight and Durable. We found a more forgiving and resilient material that doesn't sacrifice in weight or stiffness. Struts and other key support components have been redesigned to distribute and dissipate stress from crashes and falls. 

Easy and Inexpensive. None of this is any good if its super difficult to use and super expensive. So we made sure we set out to make something affordable. Key tolerances have also been fine tuned to make installation and removal much easier. 

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