BT2.0 Pigtail - Straight Blue/White Wire

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These pigtails come in two versions. The older version, V1, is generally more desirable because of the heat shrink used to cover the leads. You can easily remove the heat shrink and re-solder the leads at angle to make the connector more durable. You can also do this with the V2 if you carefully pull off the plastic that BetaFPV switched to. I have had the best luck using side cutters to get a good grip on the plastic part to pull it off. It usually strips the wire when you do this so I'd suggest cutting the wire before trying to remove the plastic.

These are great pigtails for pilots building aircraft to use with the BT2.0 connector batteries. This straight angle will give you a fantastic ability to shorten your wires to an exact length and save weight. This is a soldered wire for the best conductivity and is a silicon-coated wire.

65mm long from tip to tip

50mm Wire

Batteries for this pigtail:

Tiny Whoop HV 333MAH 1S LIPO BT2.0