Weensy Magnet Whoop Wire - 32AWG 50FT Red and Green twisted

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This is the lightest wire you can get, but it's a little harder to attach and work with in general. 32AWG is dramatically lighter and smaller than 30AWG magnet wire for some reason. A 10cm length of 30AWG Magnet Wire weighs about 0.0924g (extremely light), while the same length of Weensy Magnet Wire (32AWG) weighs only 0.0345g, a major weight savings. For most LED aplications this tiny size is enough, making the 30AWG pretty much obsolete.

This spool of magnet wire for Tiny Whoop LED projects is very fine red and green twisted wire. This wire does not have a bulky rubber or plastic or silicone jacket. Instead, it has been coated with enamel and then polymer for a tough and durable coating.

You can strip it easily with sandpaper or your soldering iron. You'll know its stripped when you see shiny copper. Don't sand too much- best to leave as much of the copper core as possible!

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