Custom Colored Tiny Whoop Grommets - 15-pack

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Announcing Custom Grommet Colors!

We searched the web far and wide to find and bring you the perfect tiny whoop grommets. The only part on a tiny whoop that wasn't customizable before are the little grommets. But fear no more we have found the colored grommets! These bad boys will add the perfect pop while still be super subtle.

You'll get 15 grommets in the color of your choice in three sizes (five of each size).

We give you 5 of each of the 3 sizes because when you open a bag one will magically vanish off the face of the earth. They come in three sizes (5.6mm, 6.0mm, 6.6mm) and can help you space out a stack for HDZERO or another board. These are small, M2 grommets, intended for use with the whoop style boards.

So, for example if you chose purple, you'll get five of each of these:


For some reason the blue grommet comes in two slightly different shades, a light blue and a dark blue the 6mm grommet is the lighter blue one.

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