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E6000 is the most popular glue in the world for repairing Tiny Whoops. E6000 is very comparable to Welder. This E6000 comes with an extra fine tip for super precise and accurate applications. The cap also includes a needle to make sure tip stays clear of glue and so you can remove the cap easier.

Product Name
E6000 Glue Adhesive
Solid content
38% – 45%
Cured Hardness
Surface drying time
3-6 Minutes (Quick)
Completely cure time
24-48 Hours (Full)
Waterproof, Non-flammable, Flexible, Paintable
DIY Daily Use Adhesive/ Universal soft adhesive


We bought E6000 and B7000 from the same supplier, (Zhanlida) so we can compare the two. We were looking for a slightly more viscous glue than E6000. Even though Zhanlida states that E6000 is more viscous than B7000 we have found that to be false. Through our scientific testing we have discovered that E6000 is less viscous.

Both of these glues have similar 'tackyness' and hardness when dry, and they are great for mounting LEDs or other Costume parts to your Tiny Whoop.

If you are attaching LEDs these little clothespins really help out!